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  • Melody Acres Music is Palm Beaches premier guitar boutique and music school. We now offer two locations in Lake Worth and now Wellington. Our facilities are stocked full of the latest gear and the finest instructors in the Palm Beaches.

    PRIVATE LESSONS offers the student the opportunity to learn a musical instrument from an experience highly qualified certified instrumental instructor, as well as:

    • One to One instruction, personalize to meet the needs of the individual student. Get to know the student and determine the attainable goals for his/ her age group. Structure the lesson in a way that will help the student reach such goals.

    • The opportunity to learn the proper embouchure and fingering techniques first hand in every lesson. Students move at their own pace set by their musical readiness Students receive instant feedback with correction for improvement in every lesson.

    • Recommendation of exercises and etudes that will advance the student’s musical talents. As well as playing songs by bands and or artists they like and recognize.

    • Professional advise on reeds, strings, sticks and mouthpieces tailored to meet the need of the student The opportunity to perform with feedback as a soloist away from the group or ensemble.

    There is really no substitute for a good private teacher in learning an instrument and studying privately. It saves time, student frustration and enhances the student’s joy and appreciation for their love of Music. It is well understood that the study of a musical instrument can increase a child’s IQ by as much as 30 points as a result of the required mental and manual dexterity. This, coupled with acquiring the discipline of practicing to arrive at a desired result and learning to personally care for a valuable musical instrument are all useful aids toward developing a better, more useful life.

    Even in our later years we are kept alert, content, and have been known to live a longer and fuller life. Why study at Melody Acres? Because we are aware of these effects and have the certified teaching staff and performance possibilities to get you where you want to go.

    Come visit us today in Lake Worth or Wellington. We don't just give music lessons. We create musicians, whether just for fun or because you know music is your passion. We give you the tools and the knowledge to take it as far as you want. Call us today!

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